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我們於2014年1月開業,起初只是源於希望收集和放售喜愛的童年少女動畫產品,後來有幸得到客人的支持,我們陸續代購來自日本和世界各地的精品,包括美少女戰士、百變小櫻、小魔女doremi及其他魔法少女及少年動漫周邊。 產品主要以預訂為主,部分現貨和私人珍藏同樣會在網頁發售。



Established in Jan 2014, we started our business by collecting and selling our childhood memories goodies. Luckily, with the support of our beloved customers, our business developed fastly and we then help ordering different Sailormoon, Cardcaptor Sakura and Japanese Anime goods from Japan and all over the world. Most of our products are pre-order goods, but we sometimes sell rare collection items .

To get it touch with anime fans all over the world, we chat with fans via social media, and also participate several local anime market in Hong Kong too!

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