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Am I ordering official goods from Japan?

是的,本店只會預訂官方產品, 並不設任何盜版產品。 本店主要是日本出品,但亦有少量來自香港、韓國、台灣、美國等地的周邊產品。如不是日本版,會在產品說明清楚顯示。

Yes, we only order official items, mainly from Japan and we do not sell pirate goods. Some products from Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan and USA etc are also listed, which will be clearly stated in description if they are not from Japan.


Are all goods pre-order items?


We mainly sell pre-order goods. But we also have some product on-hand. Please refer to the relevant product category.


I am not from Hong Kong, can I order your goods?


International customers are welcomed. Please use Paypal (+5% service charge) to checkout your items, and Hong Kong Post (with tracking) to ship your goods. However, please prevent ordering prohibited goods, EG: power bank, alcohol, etc.


It is a must to do a full-paid deposit?

是的,為避免收款程序繁複,所有產品一律全款落訂。 除了到件之後寄客人的運費外,不會有任何額外收費。

Yes, it is necessary for us to receive your full-paid deposit to proceed our ordering process. No extra fee will be charged except shipping fee from Hong Kong to your country.


Is it a must for us to send a Facebook message after ordering goods?

是的,從本網頁購買產品後,請按所需資料三日內入款,後透過facebook聯絡店主。店主需人手確認各位的產品,和到後聯絡取件,故此需要透過Facebook inbox確認。如未經確認程序有機會引致遺漏訂購。

Yes, please contact us via Facebook message inbox after your payment. We need to confirm the items you purchased and contact you after product arrival. Order without Facebook confirmation may be considered as invalid.


I had paid but I forgot to take my proof of payment, what should I do?

電子支付平台Payme和Paypal可以透過螢幕截圖作為付款證明。 若用銀行櫃員機入款而忘了證明,請另行透過Facebook聯絡店主提供資料。

For digital payment platform like Payme and Paypal, a screen capture is enough as your proof. However, if you forgot taking a bank receipt from ATM, please send us a Facebook message to provide more information.


I haven’t received my product arrival notification on time, what should I do?


We will try our best to post your items on time as listed in the product description. However, sometimes there are different shipping conditions for different products, please feel free to contact us for enquiries.


Can I request for refund?


No refund will be provided after payment and confirmation.


I received my product but there’s a minor defect, can I exchange it or refund?

本店只屬代訂性質,產品貨源都來自官方出品。尤其是限量及預訂產品, 官方如果沒有現貨則更難更換,也不設退款。如有需要,本店可以代為向官方查詢,一切依從發貨方安排。謝謝各位諒解。

We only help ordering goods from official website. We can email the supplier for follow-up actions, but sometimes it is hard to exchange/ refund as most of them are pre-order only items. We only follow the instructions by official supplier, thank you for understanding.

我因為缺貨而收不到產品,該怎麼辦 ?

My item purchased is out of stock, what should I do?


We mainly help ordering items based on quantity we got from our customers, it is not so often if products are out of stock. However, A 100% refund (except service charge by Paypal )will be provided if product is not available.

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